The culture of India

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The culture of India is an ancient one. The country is so huge and the people so many that its difficult to say what exactly is the culture of India

The Indian culture is though to be a mix of many cultures. The culture of India is fusion of Hindu culture, the Muslim culture, the Sikh culture, Christian, Buddhist, Jainism, Zoroastrian and numerous others. In addition to the various religions, India has regions that can be considered as nations in it own right. For instance, the north eastern states is very different from the rest of India. Not only the people of the states but also the languages  religion and culture. The south of India is very different to the north. not only language wise but also racially and in culturally. But nonetheless, the culture of the nation seems to fuse in nicely together as one nation and one culture. 

Although the religion of India is mainly of Hindu but there are sizeable proportions of Muslims and Christians that also part a part in proving the basics of the cultural identity of India. Food wise, culturally speaking, India seems to love all sorts of food be it south, north, eastern or western. One great thing about India people is that the food culture is united for their love for food. 

What ever the culture of India maybe, its an identity that has survived through the centuries and is the fusion of many peoples, languages, ethnicity, religions, regions and many more. 
Culture of India
Culture of India

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