Bishnoi Village

Bishnoi village
Huts at a Bishnoi village

The Bishnoi Villages are situated in Rajasthan state in India. The people of these Bishnoi villages live a very unique way of life and may seem strange to those who are not from the state or India. It has been dubbed as one of the 7 wonders of India. They emphasise living through nature, they do no cut trees, kill animals and are vegetarians. As a matter of fact, its prohibited to cut down tress. They protect trees and wildlife around them.  They actually wait for the trees to fall down and then they use it.

Bishnoi village Black Buck
Black Bucks 
Wildlife at the Bishnoi villages include Black Bucks, antelopes, chinkaras, peacocks and cranes. The Black Bucks are rare animals that are revered. No one is allowed to kill them. Salman Khan the actor has to go through a lengthy court battle because he was accused of shooting  a Black Buck. Such is the unique way of life for these simple people of the Bishnoi villages.

7 Wonders of India: Bishnoi Village

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