How to pack a suitcase

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Planning a holiday is hard as it is; on top, a traveller has to pack their suitcase. The question is how do you exactly pack a suitcase? How do you pack everything in a small container. There are certain tricks on packing a suitcase.

Here's some resources on packing suitcases

How to pack your suitcase - Jess Cartner-Morley offers 10 tried-and-tested tips to take the pain out of packing

The web app outlines the basics - The rule is to place heavy items at the bottom, wrap shoes in felt bags . Here's Louis Vuitton telling us the step-by-step tutorial to instruct website visitors in the “art of packing.”

How to Pack Your Luggage Like a Pro - Here's an interesting article on Fox News.

How to pack a suitcase by Shalu Sharma - Discussion on some suitcase strategies.

An extremely funny video of how a girl would pack a suitcase.

Think you know how to pack a suitcase? A step by step guide. 

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