10 tips to pack a suitcase

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How to pack a suitcase
How to pack a suitcase 

Packing is a suitcase is not an easy thing to do for anyone both for men and women alike. It is true that women likes to take a few extra things but at the same time its also true that women are better packers but not always. There will always be a debate on this.

However in the mean time here are some how to pack a suitcase tips;

1. roll and bundle your clothes. Its possible to get a lot of clothes in this way and also protects from getting creases. Although it is debatable if folding or rolling is the best way to get clothes in a suitcase. But rolling seems a good ideas as I have personally tried it.

2. Make a list and place everything in the floor. Placing everything on the floor allows you too visually inspect everything before your start. This will give you an idea of the thing that you need to pack in your suitcase.

3. Start by putting larger items and then by clothes.

4. Place breakable items in the middle cushioned by clothes.

5. Place a lock on the suitcase, just in case someone wants to break in and steal your things.

6. Place a luggage strap. How many times have you seen a broken suitcase on the conveyor belt. Don't let this happen to you.

7. Put your name and phone number on the suitcase. If it gets lost then prey someone nice finds it and phones you up.

8. Make a list of things in your suitcase. This is useful in identification and convincing the lost luggage people.

9. Don't put oily things in your suitcase, some airlines don't allow such items.

10. Always carry your medication with you and not in your suitcase.

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