Indian mathematician Aryabhatta

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Aryabhatta (Aryabhata or Aryabhatta I) was an Indian Mathematician who lived around 450 AD although his exact birth date is not know. There is also some confusion about where he actually came from. It is said that he from Kusumpura later known as Patliputra or modern Patna. It is here that he lived and wrote his famous book called Aryabhatiya. Some are of the view that he was from Kerala but travelled to Bihar for his studies. Whatever the case maybe, he was one of the best Indian mathematicians of not only India but also the whole world. 

It is said that Aryabhatta was the first to use the concept of zero for larger numbers however some historians dispute that it was Brahmagupta who introduced the zero. What ever the case maybe, Aryabhatta was aware of the use of zero and used it in this calculations. Its just that he did not document it in his writings. 

Aryabhatta was not only a genius mathematician who calculated the areas of the triangle and sphere, the was a great astrologer as well. He was the first to describe about the solar and lunar eclipses. He talks about how the moon reflects the light from the sun. 

Aryabhata - The Indian Mathematical Genius

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