Are Indians inherently corrupt?

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Sometimes you just wonder if Indians are born to be corrupt. Sometimes I just wonder we as Indians are inherently corrupt. I have seen many of us lie about their lives, cheat in exams, steal minor items, lie between our teeth and much more. 

The evidence that Indians are corrupt in their genes is that every single day, we hear about Indians being involved in some sort of scam. Recently Arvind Kejriwal talked about Robert Vadra who happens to be son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi involved in having property that is more than his income.

The Congress Party has been involved in scam after scams and we are helpless to do anything. We as Indians have to suffer no economic progress, high price rises and no help what so ever from anyone. 

Corruption in India is so high that we cannot get a government job done without paying bribes. I remember getting my own marriage certificate by paying about 5000 Rupees to the marriage registrar of Patna. Such is the level of corruption all over India

The question to ask ourselves is this; ARE INDIANS INHERENTLY CORRUPT. Are Indians born to be corrupt? Why are we like this?

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