Aryabhatta the Indian mathematician

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Aryabhatiya Who exactly was Aryabhatta (Aryabhata)? Many maths historians are of the view that he was from Kerala (South India) while some say that he was from Kusumpura (modern day Patna). Some say that he actually lived in Bihar but was born in Kerala while again others suggest that he was from Taregana a village close to today's Patna. Whatever the came maybe, it is undisputed that he was the head of the Nalanda University. It is here that he wrote his most famous treatise, the Aryabhatiya that consisted of both mathematics and astronomy.

It is said that he was the first one to use the concept of zero although he did not document it. Hence the credit of the first one to discover zero goes to Brahmagupta, another one of India's most celebrated mathematicians. However he was the first one to say that the earth rotates around its axis and the earth rotates around the sun.
The works of Aryabhatta

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